I draw and paint landscapes using charcoal, graphite, acrylic, watercolour, gouache, and inks.

I'm also a printmaker. I'm a member of Edinburgh Printmakers and Highland Print Studios. I have a portfolio of etchings, aquatints and photopolymer prints as well as linocuts and relief prints.

I like to try out new techniques and materials, so check my blog to see what I'm currently up to. My love of the outdoors means that landscape and nature are themes I return to again and again. I'm also continuing to expand my knowledge of art history and gain greater insight into the work of artists of the past.


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News: Edinburgh Macmillan Art Show 2017

Pleased to say that I was invited to submit to the Edinburgh Macmillan Art Show this year. This will be on, during the Edinburgh Festival, from 24th to 27th August in Bonham's Sale rooms in York Place. Full details here on their website http://2017.macmillanartshow.org.uk/
The pictre that has been selected is my 'Whirlygigs', a photopolymer intaglio print based on a ph...


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